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All informations about MIDI and AUDIO backing tracks price.

By direct download midi files and mp3 audio.
You can download your backing tracks directly from our online store. You'll receive a download link once we receive your payment.
Standard Midi File: 9.23$ CA each song.
Mp3 Audio (160 kbps-44kHz): 11.23$ CA each song.

By mail midi and audio.
We also can ship your backing tracks by mail on compact disc, floppy disc, cassette etc.
Standard Midi File, Roland MC-500 and MC-50 are available at 9.23$ CA each song.
All Audio are available at 11.23$ CA each song.

Shipping is 9.00$ CA
You have to pay for the physical support (floppy disc, compact disc etc.)
3.5 Floppy Disc Midi File Gs Gm, Roland MC-50 Gs Gm, Roland MC-500 Gs Gm 1.13$ CA each.
Audio Cassette 3.40$ CA each.
Compact Disc 3.27$ CA each.
Mini Compact Disc 3.40$ CA each.
D.A.T. Cassette 3.40$ CA each.
Sony Midi Disc 3.40$ CA each.
All our physical supports are guaranteed.

Sliding pricing scale based on volume of purchase.
Sliding pricing scale based on volume of purchase.
Total order --------------------Discount
$50 - $99----------------------- 10%
$100 - $199-------------------- 20%
$200 - $399-------------------- 30%
$400 - $999-------------------- 40%
Over $1000-------------------- 50%

Taxes free and no transaction fee.
With MidiTop10 no taxes and transaction fee will be adds on you order !

You'll find QUALITY MIDI & AUDIO FILES at low prices!

Many payment modes available.

Society for reproduction rights of authors, composers and publishers in Canada (Sodrac) inc.
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