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You have a question ?
Our professional team can help you ! Please send us your questions by clicking here.

What is MIDI ?
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is an industry-standard electronic communications protocol that enables electronic musical instruments, computers and other equipment to communicate, control and synchronize with each other in real time. MIDI does not transmit audio—it simply transmits digital data such as the pitch and intensity of musical notes to play, control signals for parameters such as volume, vibrato and panning, and clock signals to set the tempo.
MIDI allows computers, synthesizers, MIDI controllers, sound cards, samplers and drum machines to control one another, and to exchange system data. Though modern computer sound cards are MIDI-compatible and capable of creating realistic instrument sounds, the fact that sound cards' MIDI synthesizers have historically produced sounds of dubious quality has tarnished the image of a computer as a MIDI instrument. In fact, the MIDI specification itself has nothing to do with the quality of sound produced - this varies depending on the quality of sound card and/or samples used. MIDI is almost directly responsible for bringing an end to the "wall of synthesizers" phenomenon in 1970s-80s rock music concerts, when keyboard instrument performers were sometimes hidden behind banks of various instruments. Following the advent of MIDI, many synthesizers were released in rack-mount versions, enabling performers to control multiple instruments from a single keyboard. Another important effect of MIDI has been the development of hardware and computer-based sequencers, which can be used to record, edit and play back performances. Synchronization of MIDI sequences is made possible by the use of MIDI timecode, an implementation of the SMPTE time code standard using MIDI messages, and MIDI timecode has become the standard for digital music synchronization. For more information about MIDI please click here.

Why only drums play with MIDI files ?
Some of our customers indicated us a problem concerning MIDI files. If you bought MIDI files and only the drum track play, please inform us of it, we shall send you a new file, free of charge, which will not cause this problem. For the customers who understand MIDI, this problem is due to the bank selection 1 which is compatible with Roland products but seems incompatible with certain devices.

Problem to see our site with 'Opera' browser ?
If you have a previous version of 'Opera', it will be difficult for you to show correctly the pages of our on-line shop and to order backing tracks. We suggest you to update your version by most recent available by clicking here.

Why are your MIDI files + or - 9.23 $ each ?
MIDI files are very powerful when compared to simple audio recordings, such as MP3 files or WMA files. Because MIDI files contain the information required to generate a song, you have far more flexibility with MIDI files. Each instrument is reproduce with attention. Many hours are needed to create a professional Midi File. With Midi file you can change the tempo, key, repeat sections, remove sections, change instruments, etc… It's impossible to do this with an audio file.

What if I want to order multiple MIDI files, is there a discount ?
Yes ! we’re pleased to offer a sliding pricing scale based on volume of purchase.
Total order --------------------Discount
$50 - $99----------------------- 10%
$100 - $199-------------------- 20%
$200 - $399-------------------- 30%
$400 - $999-------------------- 40%
Over $1000-------------------- 50%

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all payment modes. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. We also accept check and money order.

What if I am not in the Canada, can I still buy from your site?
Absolutely ! Our online store and credit card system will allow you to purchase from any region provided you have a Visa card, a Mastercard, a Discover card, a American Express card, or a Paypal account. Since there is no shipping or handling, our purchase experience is very quick and very easy.

I am looking for a Backing Track not listed on your site, can I request you to make one ?
You sure can. Using our dedicated search you can easily find the song you need. You can search a song by title or artist. You can also sort the song by years (ex. 1970 etc.), musical style (ex. Rock, PopAnglo, Country etc.) or dance (ex. ChaCha, Cumbia etc.). Feel like browsing; use our index. If you can't find the song, we can make it. Our team of skilled musicians can program your chosen song and encoded in the format you need.

Can I download a list of all your Midi Files and Audio backing tracks ?
You can download our list of Midi Files and Audio Backing Tracks in pdf format Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download a free version by clicking here. You can download our Midi Files and Audio Backing Track list by clicking here.

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